The line for beginners, but with a breathtaking view.


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This trail is for everyone and provides a breathtaking journey into the dolomitic landscapes.

This trail deserves to be ridden no matter what your riding level is. From a technical aspect, this trail is perfect for beginners: it goes all the way down through mellow meadows, never being too steep, and has perfectly shaped wide berms where beginners could start practicing cornering and slowly getting higher and higher into the berm, trying to pick up the perfect line.

There are no major features in this trail, only some small jumps here and there, where the rider could either try to get some air time or absorb and roll them if not confident yet.

The shapers are doing a really good job in keeping this trail maintained and clean.

Even at the end of the season, braking bumps are almost irrelevant.

This will make the ride smoother for everyone, especially beginners! To access the trail, you have to take a ride with the two-seater chairlift, which leads to the very top of the resort.

This will already be an amazing experience: Molveno lake is behind your back, super green meadows are below your feet, and stunning dolomitic walls and peaks are in front of you, so close that you feel like the chairlift will bring you straight into them.

Add a chilly mountain air gliding on your skin to the picture, and here you are: this is exactly how every chairlift ride to the entrance of a trail should be. While riding down, a break is mandatory in order to enjoy the breathtaking view of the lake from the top.

Literally everyone has snapped a picture here. Once you are at the bottom of the trail, you can either choose to have a break at the hut or keep riding.