A classic ride along Tussey Mountain that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.


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When it comes to Tussey Mountain, every other trail in Rothrock pales in comparison to this epic ridgetop ride.

Rocky singletrack gives way to beautiful views and the final descent down Lonberger Trail is some of the best singletrack you'll find this side of the Mississippi.

Whether you're new to central PA or a long-time visitor, this should be your first ride in Rothrock.

Devastated by wildfire in '06, Tussey Mountain boasts some of the best views Rothrock has to offer.

Locals often debate which direction the trail should be ridden since both offer their own nuance depending on your comfort level riding through rock gardens.

Seen here, clockwise offers a steeper - but more rideable - approach up Corner Road to Dylan's Path to reach the ridge.

A stump with the inoperable "beer tap" notes the top of the climb and the beginning of the Tussey Ridge Trail.

For some bonus miles, take a left and complete the Kistler Trail before continuing back to Tussey. Rocks are in no short supply along Tussey Mountain, so air up your tires a bit more to avoid the common pinch flats that plague first-timers and locals alike.

As you ride you'll enjoy views in both directions from the ridge, just be mindful where you stop during the summer months since timber rattlesnakes like to sunbathe during the warmer parts of the day. To round out your ride, you'll follow the infamous Lonberger Path downhill as it parallels Bear Meadows Road back to Galbraith Gap.

Rock gardens are contrasted by fast and flowy singletrack through wildlife clearings and dense forest - just be sure to give the trail time to dry after a heavy rain.

The finale - is a steep, but well built rock garden that drops back to Galbraith Gap Trail.

Though technical, the dark and effervescent forest is a great way to test your handling as you navigate rock gardens shaded by massive spruce and hemlock trees back to the parking lot. The trailhead for this ride is Galbraith Gap, less than 20 minutes from most places in State College and just minutes from the Tussey Mountain Ski Area.

Vault toilets are open year-round, but water is not available.

However, if you have a filter or treatment system, the nearby streams flow year-round.