The most epic way to tour the Allegrippis Trails at Raystown Lake.


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*Designed by mountain bikers* and constructed by IMBA, Raystown Lake is the premier mountain biking destination in central PA.

Home to over 40-miles of beautifully-kept singletrack, the Allegrippis Trails form a series of *stacked loops*, allowing you to ride as little - or as much - as you'd like in a day.

Signs are placed at most trail junctions and [this source]( notes how one "could come back time after time [and] have the opportunity to use a new route each time." This ride begins at the Seven Points Campground, the site of the iconic Dirt Rag Dirt Fest, which was held annually until its final year in 2019.

Seen here, you'll begin with a warm up climb on Sleek Dog, a twisty and narrow trail that hugs the hillside as it climbs away from the lake.

Next, you'll cross a road and have the option to pick between the Fawn and Buck Trails, the latter being mapped here.

Fast flowing singletrack and well-placed rock work means you can enjoy either trail at a leisurely pace, or pedal your way through on the high speed singletrack - just be sure to keep an eye out for trees that may be closer to the trail than you're prepared for.

A dominant overlook and bench at the end of the Ridge Trail offer a nice place to stop and relax before continuing onto Ray's Revenge, one of the highlights of the ride and best ridden from east to west.

Rolling singletrack with rock gardens and fast technical descents will have you grinning ear to ear, and the trail may be your favorite part of the entire ride.

In fact, there are very few trail reports and reviews out there that give Ray's Revenge less than 5/5 stars! To round out this ride, you have two options - ride the Osprey Loop to Eagle Trail, or skip Osprey altogether.

While the screamin' fun descent is winding and flowy with some optional berms and kickers for added fun, the trail runs downhill to the edge of the lake, meaning you have to climb your way out.

If you feel your legs getting tired, it may be best to skip it since Eagle Trail also climbs gradually back to the trailhead. The Allegrippis Trails are maintained almost exclusively by volunteers, and workdays are scheduled in steady increments throughout the year if you'd like to contribute.

The trails tend to be open year-round, though they occasionally close for safety or weather-related reasons.

Restrooms and potable water are also available within the campground, but nowhere along the trail. [Source](