A gravel climb to a techy singletrack descent down one of Rothrock's most notorious trails.


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Old Laurel Run is one of the rowdiest, chunkiest, and most acclaimed downhill rides from Galbraith Gap in Rothrock.

It's a perfect option for a shuttle and a great trail to session over and over, whether you're working on your skills or dialing in the suspension on your ride.

It sees less foot traffic than many of the other surrounding trails and it's short enough that you could squeeze it in before or after work. To get to the top of the descent, climb Laurel Run Road from Galbraith Gap until you get to Little Flat Tower Road.

Take a left and when the road is gated, there is a turn-around for vehicles and parking for several vehicles.

Your ride begins next to the gate and the trail is well-marked - just remember to unlock your suspension before you begin the gnarly, rocky descent down! When you reach the bottom, take a left to pedal back up and start again, or keep right and follow Three Bridges to Lonberger Path for a few extra minutes of downhill singletrack back to your car. If you have yet to visit, consider an out-and-back on gravel to the historic [Fire Tower](https://fatmap.com/routeid/2808940/little-flat-fire-tower), less than a mile round-trip on packed gravel.

One of the 4 maintained fire towers in the area, the steel structure played an important role in fire prevention into the 1950s, but is now closed to the public.

Dense stands of spruce and hemlock cover the mountaintop and provide a unique habitat for an endless selection of unique flowers and fungi.