A roundtrip to a huge crater via a mountain hut!



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This volcano separates itself from the others thanks to its huge crater, which is covered with snow inside.

The views from the top are beautiful and you can see a landscape of lakes and mountains.

It is possible to do the route in one day if you start at sunrise, which will require a high fitness level.

However, it is recommended to do it in two parts, one day to the hut and the next day to the peak. The route starts on the road to the international pass Cardenal Samore (route 215) where you will find the Caulle Ranch (a wooden sign with the name "Restaurant el Caulle").

This ranch belongs to Santiago Saez.

(+56950086367) who gives the permission to access the volcano.

If the conditions allow it, you can drive up to the meseta in a 4 x4 vehicle, making the trip shorter.

Then you will have to walk through the beautiful forest in a north-east direction to the hut.

You can also go up to the hut on horseback. The hut is not in the best conditions, but it is possible to spend the night indoors and shelter from the winds and low temperatures. From here the route is simple, it is a straight line to the top without much chance of getting lost in good visibility.

Leave the refuge to the east for about 200m and then head north.

As you ascend the route is steeper and more icy, so it is necessary to use crampons (especially in mid-season) at the top of the volcano.

In the last part, you will get to the ridge that will guide you to the summit in a northerly direction.

From here you can already appreciate the incredible views. The descent has no significant obstacles, so just enjoy the line to the hut and from there return to the ranch by the same route before toasting a mind blowing couple of days!