A classic chute which holds good snow


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The possibilities of lines are endless in this big bowl.

The closer you get to the peak, the steeper and tighter the descents become.

This is the classic route, a descent with a wide chute that keeps the snow in excellent condition. The route starts at the Piuquenes Lagoon, which you can access through the three ski resorts; La Parva, Valle Nevado and El Colorado.

The shortest way is through La Parva, so if you want to do the whole walk and not buy a ticket, you will have to park at the top of the road of La Parva and start from there. From the top of the Piuquenes chairlift head to the right in an easterly direction, 50 meters to the Portezuelo Franciscano.

On the other side of the Portezuelo is the flat area of the Piuquenes Lagoon which will be your reference point on the return. Start going up towards the Falta Parva hill, where the last section can be without much snow due to the wind currents that are prevalent in that area, and you will have to walk a couple of meters to get to the top of the Falta Parva hill.

At the top you will have a 360º view of the valley and across to the city of Santiago. Continue along the ridge towards the peak of Cerro Parva.

Halfway up the road is the descent of the main chute that is kept available during the whole season and that connects easily with the exit to the Piuquenes Lagoon - the second entrance between the big rocks that can be seen from the ridge. Now you only have to enjoy the great line to the valley, and remember in the last part to head to the right towards the Piuquenes Lagoon to return by the same way.