One of the classics ski runs at the base of the Cerro Plomo


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



This route is a long and steep-ish descent where the snow is kept in excellent condition.

It also accumulates snow due to the wind, so in addition to enjoying the powder, beware of possible avalanches.

Windslab is a serious concern so make sure conditions are right before attempting this one. The access to this route is the same as for the amphitheater of Cerro Parva, starting at the flat area of the Piuquenes Lagoon, which you can access from the three ski centres.

If conditions permit, you can also walk up to the edge of Cerro Parva through the inner part of the bowl, avoiding the summit of Cerro Falsa Parva. From the ridge of the Parva hill walk straight ahead towards the peak.

The path is very clearly defined, so it is very difficult to get lost provided there is good visibility.

At the intersection, take the way to the right that goes along the ridge.

On the top you will be able to see the Cerro El Plomo and the glaciers that cover it.

(Apuwamani, “guardian of the valley”). There are multiple descents to the west along the ridge we came from as well as to Pintor hill.

This route is the classic line with a steep slope at the start and a long open one at the end.

After the descent continue to the right to return to the Piuquenes Lagoon, go up the slope and enjoy a last descent back to the lagoon.