An epic loop ride from downtown Angel Fire.


3 - 4









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The Big Kahuna ride is a challenging loop ride for the cross country rider looking for a bit of abuse.

Beginning from downtown Angel Fire, the route takes a similar climb up the mountain as the [Elliot Barker Loop]( In fact, it climbs all the way to the same turn-off but takes a left instead of a right.

If you're truly masochistic, consider combining both of the rides into one. The section of Elliot Barker heading south is similarly faint, overgrown, and quite challenging, with steep descents and climbs peppered with boulders.

This section of the ride is the real reward, with true backcountry riding and epic views! Navigation through here can be quite challenging, so be sure to download this map for offline use. Eventually, the Elliot Barker Trail meets up with the iconic South Boundary Trail.

You'll take a left on South Boundary to rip down a steep descent to FR 76.

It's a wonderful change of pace to be flying down this steep trail instead of hike-a-biking up it as you normally would to begin South Boundary.

At FR 76, continue across the road to pick up a sometimes overgrown trail to keep ripping downhill, before eventually ending at a dirt road.

Take that dirt road back down to the highway and back to Angel Fire, and voila: you've completed the Big Kahuna challenge! If the section of trail across FR 76 is too overgrown to ride, you can always take a left on 76 and drop back down to Angel Fire as well.