A paradise of good snow and stunning terrain!


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A paradise of powder and radical lines are found on this face; it's one of the favourite slopes of many professional Chilean skiers.

It is a south face that accumulates a lot of snow and stays in good condition throughout the season. This area is very easy to access from the El Colorado ski resort, where it can be accessed by ski touring without much effort.

this area is only for experts due to its cliffs, avalanches, etc.

This line keeps snow all season long and you will not need to worry about running out of snow. Santa Tere is only for experts due to its cliffs, avalanches, etc.

It is recommended to be guided by someone who knows the terrain or study it from the bottom beforehand and to have knowledge about freeride safety. The route starts at the parking lot of the El Colorado ski resort .

Go up the slopes in the direction of the restaurant el Manolo, then take the trail to the right to the wooden deck.

From there you will reach the cornice at the top of Santa Tere. The line starts on the left side of the cornice where there is easy access, then a big open slope where you can enjoy the powder, big turns and small rocks to jump off.

Going down you have to go to the right in search of the exit to the road - be very cautious that below the open slope there is a big cliff.