A wonderful loop linking some of Crawford's best trails


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Crawford (part of Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park) is a maze of excellent trails - most of which are moderate or difficult on the FATMAP scale - and this ride links many of the best of them.

Park up in a large parking lot at the end of Stewart Road E, just past a small power station. The ride up is simple enough and follows Lost Lake Trail and then the Pink Highway, passing Teddy Bear junction (which you'll struggle to miss - see the photo attached to this route) and Flamingo Flats; 2 Crawford landmarks and the meeting points for multiple trails.

The Pink Highway - and the ascent for this ride - ends when it intersects the Lookout Trail. Hang a left and begin riding down the Lookout Trail, which is fast, furious and never too challenging.

As you'll see from the map and the various signage around Crawford, there are multiple ways of descending once you've started down the Lookout Trail, but the route shown here provides maximum riding and consistent difficulty. The first turning off the trail is right onto the Race Classic Trail and then another junction leads you onto Galloping Trail and, finally, Fairlane Trail.

The riding on all sections of the trail is pretty consistent; expect flow, brief rocky sections and epic views throughout.

The final section back down to the parking lot is undulating but still fun and features some fun, rooty drops.

Overall it feels at the end of this ride like you've had a lot of fun given the amount of ascent you did, which is always a nice way to finish a bike trip!