A great hike for the your first day in Theth


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The Blue Eye in Theth is a waterfall nestled in a valley amongst the Albanian Alps.

The Blue Eye gets its name from the shockingly vibrant water, which is quite cold! The hike is quite long, but not a lot of vertical meters.

I definitely recommend starting with the hike at 6:30am, because then you will probably have the chance to enjoy the Blue Eye all to yourself! The buses starting driving there at 9:30am.

On the way back you can also visit the waterfall of Theth, which is, according to the locals, a must-see! Since most people visiting Theth National Park base themselves in the town of Theth, visiting the Blue Eye of Theth usually involves a 19.5km roundtrip hike.

The first 7.5km of the hike is along a road, which you can also drive along if you own a 4×4.

Once you reach the town of Nderlysaj, the rest of the path is only accessible by foot and takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour of mainly uphill hiking.

We would class the hike to Nderlysaj as easy, but the last 30 minutes leading to the Blue Eye is up a narrow and steep mountain path, which is tough in the hot summer sun.

Starting at the centre of Theth near the visitor centre, the hike begins by crossing the bridge to the other side of the river.

From there you walk uphill and keep left at the two forks in the road.

You will then find yourself walking along a road, alongside the river.

Follow the road until you reach Nderlysaj, where you will find a sign telling you to head right towards the Blue Eye. When you reach the sign “Bar & Restaurant Samuel”, turn left and continue to follow the road.

Continue right at the next fork.

When you reach Bar & Restaurant Lulash Zelna, continue up the hill on your right.

After another half an hour you will finally reach the Blue Eye! You will also find a restaurant / bar straight on top of it, which offer some snacks and cold beverages :)