A tour to the peak of one of the Stubai Seven Summits.



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Stubaital is the first valley you will find while driving south from town, located only a dozen of kilometers towards Brenner Pass.

This valley is also one of the deepest around and probably the one that has to offer the most when it comes to mountains and mountain activities, no matter the season.

Talking about mountains - seven of the most iconic peaks have been selected as the “Stubai Seven Summits”: all of them are a famous challenge for hikers, but some of them are also possible to climb during the winter season as well, offering challenging but rewarding ski tours.

Among the winter accessible ones, Wilder Freiger is for sure one of the most common missions.

The length and elevation of this tour definitely make it a challenging onebut it could be split into a two day mission, spending the night in the winter room at Nurnberger Hütte. The route starts from the parking lot of the Nürnberger Hütte far down in the valley, just a few turns before the road ends at the Stubaier Gletscher parking lot.

From here, through a forest path, it will then lead to Buscherlam - a group of mountain huts located in a natural arena surrounded by rocky walls.

There are not many options and intersections from here on, the route goes straight till the end where the skiers then take the right to move onto the ridge next to the glacier which in turn leads to the peak of Wilder Freiger.

As the route goes on a glacier, it is mandatory to carry and use all the required safety gear - especially during mid-seasons.

As the ridge at the top is highly effected by strong winds, the snow might be hard and glassy - it's highly recommended to bring crampons both for the skis and the boots. You will finally reach the peak after passing by some old buildings built during World War 1, and from here you will have a broad view to the Italian Dolomites as well as many other Austrian mountains around.

The way down follows the climb but - beside the first section on a glacier - the terrain leaves a bit of freedom for choosing different lines.