The skinning route for black diamond runs in Winter Park's Mary Jane Territory.









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is a go-to uphill route for experts on the Mary Jane side, climbing an easier black diamond that can access a bunch of tougher ones for the downhill.

Skinning all the way up Sleeper unlocks all the classic expert terrain off the Challenger lift, and if you extend your uphill on Rollins Ridge you’ll have even more options.

Even after the resort has closed for the season, you can skin up Sleeper as long as there’s snow.

This is the only run in Mary Jane that’s open for access once the territory has closed. Because this is difficult terrain with a lot of potential hazards, and because certain zones are closed to uphill, you should be very familiar with Winter Park’s [uphill policy]( before you set out.

This resort is quite generous to uphillers, but the policies are nuanced, and you want to make sure you’re on the right side of the rules in order to preserve access for everyone.

Note that you will have to purchase an armband in advance, but the proceeds go to local nonprofits so you can feel good about earning your turns and giving back!