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Madeline Island is the largest of the Apostle Islands—a renowned archipelago of gorgeous islands just off the shore of Northern Wisconsin in Lake Superior.

While most of the islands are wild and untrammeled, protected by the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Madeline Island is large enough to house a small town, several roads, a state park, and more. However, to reach Madeline Island, you'll have to [take a ferry]( from the mainland.

While the ferry access is in and of itself part of the main attraction, taking a car onto the ferry can be quite expensive.

A much more affordable option is to take your bicycle instead and pedal around the island under your own power. One of the prime attractions on the island is Big Bay State Park, an area of protected land that offers an expansive campground, short hiking trails, and a beautiful sand beach.

Big Bay is a worthy destination for an easy road bike ride, and the road out to the state park is built to provide a wide shoulder for cycling. The route out to the state park is fairly straightforward and fairly flat, making for a mellow, easy-going road ride.

It's possible to add on bonus miles and ride further around the island, but for an easy jaunt to an incredible end point, choose this route. The first several miles of pedaling head through the center of the island, slowly gaining elevation up a gradual hill.

About halfway through the ride out to the park, you'll suddenly reach the shoreline.

Here you'll enjoy beautiful views as you pedal along the shore for a mile or so.

Then, it's back inland until you reach the state park itself. There are a few different destinations in the state park, including an overlook point and the beach.

Choose one or both, and enjoy your time on this isolated island!