An accessbile steep line, a great 'warm up' to the more extreme descents of the Massif


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Approach from either the top of the Skyway Monte Bianco lift station or from the Aiguille du Midi cable car top station (via a skin up and across the Vallée Blanche).

The approach is shorter from the Skyway (Italian side), ski over the Col des Flambeaux and descend towards the North Face of the Tour Ronde.

Skin up around to the west side of the Tour Ronde to access the bottom of the Gervasutti Couloir.

Climb and ski the couloir and then either ski down the Vallée Blanche or return to one of the lift stations.

It is also possible to climb either the North Face or the Normal Route on the East Face and then ski/down climb to the top of the Gervasutti from the summit of the Tour Ronde, making for an elegant roundtrip.

If descending the Gervasutti 'on-sight', be sure to have a good idea of the snow conditions beforehand, since this west facing line often has very firm snow.

Although the couloir isn't very long or serious by Chamonix standards the top is 50 degrees and can indeed feel very steep in hard snow conditions.

However, the angle lessens after the first 50 or so meters and the line is wide enough to ski fluidly.

Enclosed by steep granite walls and looking out towards the Brenva face of Mont Blanc, the Gervasutti has a strong mountain ambiance that appeals to skiers and climbers alike.