A short tour with a great freeride descent


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Cerro Colorado is a short adventure with an excellent descent.

If you want to get away from the lifts and go looking for more backcountry this is a great option.

This face was part of the freeride tour of Chile, and it offers excellent snow conditions and great lines without having to approach for very long. This is a short tour, with a very short approach and no intense ascents, where you will find some steep-ish descents, but there are also some possibilities for a beginner to explore.

This mountain slope accumulates a lot of snow due to being leeward, that is to say, being east facing, the wind accumulates the snow on the other side of the hill. It can be easily identified from the ski resort or from the hotel.

It is the next peak south of the Lonquimay volcano.

You can start from both places, but starting from the parking lot of the ski resort will save you extra walking. Start walking to the left (east), in a straight line towards the top.

Here you have to go on the right side of the slope with trees.

Keep going straight to the peak - when you face the Cerro Colorado, you will have to walk up the right slope to the north.

From the top you will be able to see the amazing views and the entire ski resort. Now enjoy a great descent, where you can find small rocks to jump over.

If you wish you can make more than one lap before returning to the starting point. To return you have to go back the same way.

Remember that if it is spring and it is very hot, the snow will be more sticky and it will be more difficult to get back.