A must-do trail ride on rocky singletrack beneath a canopy of lush forests.


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Rattlesnake Ridge is one of the top go-to spots for mountain bikers near Little Rock looking for something a bit more technical.

Climb the gradual yet steady Cliffbrake Trail up to the ridgeline, then pick from a number of downhills trails to make your way back to the bottom.

Rock gardens with optional features line the trail, and the stacked loop layout makes it easy to change your ride on the fly.

No matter how or what you ride, chances are you'll have fun on these sustainably-built trails. Thanks to the Arkansas Nature Conservancy, these trails were made possible as a way to protect an array of unique plant and animal life native to the hillside.

Built along Lake Maumelle, central Arkansas's main supply of drinking water, the area hosts healthy forests that help to reduce the spread of invasive plants and pests.

The forest is also managed to prevent excessive erosion and sedimentation that could drain into the lake on its northern slopes. That said, due to the hydrology and geology of some of the hillsides, the singletrack trails may close to bikes due to rain.

Be respectful of any trail closures and give the area adequate time to drain after rain.

It's suggested to visit the [Nature Conservancy in Arkansas](https://www.facebook.com/NatureConservancyArkansas) on Facebook if you'd like to check on conditions prior to your visit, or to call 501-663-6699. [Source](https://www.arkansasheritage.com/arkansas-natural-heritage/naturalareas/find-a-natural-area/rattlesnake-ridge-natural-area)