A local-favorite XC ride just minutes from downtown and accessible via the Arkansas River Trail.


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Allsopp Park is the perfect setting near downtown Little Rock to enjoy a fast XC ride through on groomed singletrack with minimal rock.

Ride either the north or south loop, or join them together for a longer ride.

Just remember to be mindful of other trail users, including hikers and runners.

Even better, the trails are accessible from the Arkansas River Trail or via numerous access points in nearby neighborhoods.

For first-timers, Allsopp will quickly become your new favorite spot to ride before or after work. In addition to several miles of multi-use trails, Allsopp Park includes a playground, numerous sporting fields, tennis courts, group pavilions, picnic tables, and even more amenities.

Many of the park's facilities are handicap accessible, and leashed pets are welcomed in most areas, including on the trails.

Restrooms and drinking water are available to all, and the park is an ideal spot for the entire family to enjoy the outdoors together. Other than the well-marked loop seen here, paved pathways and sidewalks also wind their way through the park.

With some creativity, you can access the park from the nearby Arkansas River Trail or enjoy many of the other paved trails that wind through the park. Sources: https://www.littlerockmeetings.com/destination-detail/allsopp-park https://www.arkansas.com/little-rock/sports-recreation/allsopp-park