A fast and winding XC loop just minutes from downtown and the Interstate.


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Boyle Park is described by [LittleRock.com](https://www.littlerock.com/little-rock-destinations/boyle-park-east-side-trail) as the perfect opportunity for mountain bikers "to build speed and practice their technique in the heart of Little Rock." The Grilled Loop, seen here, is one of the most common rides in the park and quite easy, making it the perfect ride for beginners or for anyone looking to hone in their cornering skills.

It's also easily accessible from nearby neighborhoods, making it a great option for a before or after work ride without having to leave town. According to most sources, the loop is best ridden counter-clockwise, following the red stars that line the way.

It's well-marked, fast, winding, and has only a small amount of rock in the trail.

While a full-suspension trail bike could possibly make the ride a bit more fun for some, the terrain is perfect for a hardtail, singlespeed, XC rigs, or potentially a cyclocross bike if you're comfortable with tight cornering.

The mellow terrain also makes it a great ride for younger and less-experienced riders looking to improve their skills. In addition to the Grilled Loop, other areas in the park host even more singletrack.

Sometimes divided into three distinct sections, this ride tours the northernmost area and begins across from a large field and picnic pavilion.

Restrooms and water are both available nearby but be especially mindful of other trail users given the proximity to town and frequent use. [Source](https://www.littlerock.com/little-rock-destinations/grilled-trail)