A fun little backcountry tour that can be lapped all day with help from the chairlift.


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Mores Mountain is the major backcountry destination from Bogus Basin, reached by an easy skin outside the resort boundary.

North Bowl is one of the best zones because it’s intermediate-friendly and doesn’t require too much commitment.

You can exit the bowl to a forest road, then loop back to the resort and hop back on the lifts.

You will need to have safety gear and know how to use it, however.

Although Mores is not bigtime avalanche terrain, there are enough other hazards to get you in trouble with no one else around. Get there by leaving the resort at backcountry gate #3 and skinning out to Mores.

You’ll go through the summer trailhead area, then up through a series of steepening meadows until reaching the top.

Mores has two summits, and you can choose to tag either or both of them.

Continue over the top to find an idyllic bowl with widely spaced trees on the north side.

Check snow conditions and then pick your descent. The most obvious line is right down the middle, staying pretty low angle.

If you go left you can ride a ridge that forms hips and small cornices when there’s enough snow.

Or you can find fun trees on the far right side of the bowl.

All the variations funnel into the same drainage, where you’ll enjoy some swoopy runout between clumps of brush.

A little tree choke guards the exit at the bottom, so just maneuver through to pop out on a groomed road.

This is the extension of the Bogus Basin XC trails.

Turn left and cruise the road back to the resort, with no more skinning necessary! Even snowboarders should be able to ride it out with minimal pushing.

This will put you near the base of Superior chair at Bogus, where a short shwack through the woods puts you back in the lift line.