An efficient plan for hitting all of the downhill runs at Handcut Hollow.


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At the time of this writing, in fall 2021, Handcut Hollow is one of the newest zones in the ever-changing Bentonville trail system.

This network is anchored by a series of short downhill runs that you can session over and over again. The downhill trails are located in the heart of the small Handcut Hollow trail system and are accessed via the cross-country Traverse Loop trail.

Once you reach the hub in the center, you have your choice of options.

The trails, moving from south to north (and right to left-ish when viewed from the hub) are Interjections (currently unnamed at the time of this writing, but this is the working name), No More Kings, School House Rock, Interplanet Janet, The Body Machine, My Hero Zero, and Sufferin' Til Suffrage.

Interjections and Sufferin' are both accessed slightly away from the hub, but together these lines make up the gravity zone. These downhill lines offer a variety of options ranging from moderate chunk and rock slabs to flowy jump lines.

At the upper end of the difficulty range you can even find some double black diamond tech and serious hucks.

While perhaps some of these lines were indeed hand-cut, when you reach the bigger jump lines, the machine work can't be denied. Work your way up slowly with the rocky tech flow, from intermediate on up to advanced.

The black diamond School House Rock trail is worthy of the rating, with some seriously advanced moves and optional double black diamond hucks and gaps.

Be sure to scout these obstacles before you send them. It's easy to spend all day pedaling lap after lap on these fantastic trails.

Many riders consider the lines in Handcut Hollow to be some of the best gravity trails in Northwest Arkansas!