A cross-country pedal around the Handcut Hollow zone.


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At the time of this writing, in fall 2021, Handcut Hollow is one of the newest zones in the ever-changing Bentonville trail system.

This network is anchored by a series of short downhill runs that you can session over and over again, but you can also choose to pedal an intermediate-friendly cross-country loop as well.

With a bit of pedaling on the road, you can also connect these trails to the greater Slaughter Pen trail network for an even longer cross-country ride. The singletrack here is meant to "feel" like it was built by hand, although some of the trails have obviously seen at least some machine work.

Even so, the singletrack is narrower and twistier than some of the wide-open flowy trails in other nearby trail systems.

As you pedal around this loop, you'll grunt up short, steep climbs and then blast back downhill.

You'll twist through hollows, traverse over wet limestone slabs, and slip and slide your way up and down roots and rocks. Despite some small tech bits, this is still a blue trail that most intermediate riders will have no difficulty with.

And if you do have difficulty with a few sections, simply consider it a good learning experience! The downhill runs are located in the heart of the trail system and can be easily combined with the Traverse Loop for a solid day of riding.

Tack on one or two runs, ride them all, or session the same trails over and over again—the choice is ultimately up to you.

For a more detailed breakdown of the downhill runs, see the "Handcut Hollow: Downhill Laps" route on FATMAP.