An easy 3.5-mile trail run near downtown Little Rock.


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Boyle Park is described by []( as the perfect opportunity for mountain bikers "to build speed and practice their technique in the heart of Little Rock." For runners, the mellow 3.5-mile loop is the perfect place to squeeze in a quick trail run before or after work.

Seen here, the Grilled Loop is one of the classic runs in the park and a great route to build off of for a longer run once you're comfortable navigating the area.

It's also easily accessible from nearby neighborhoods and just minutes from the interstate if you want to stretch your legs on a road trip. While mountain bikers tend to ride the loop counter-clockwise, runners should consider going clockwise instead.

It's well-marked with red diamonds and is fast, winding, and quite mild when it comes to Arkansas's notoriously rocky trails.

Small rocks and leaf cover are about the only hazard, making road running shoes an option if you are new to trail running.

That said, the leaves through the fall and winter could make a good pair of sturdy trail shoes a better option. In addition to the Grilled Loop, other areas in the park host even more singletrack.

Sometimes divided into three distinct sections, this run tours the northernmost area and begins across from a large field and picnic pavilion.

Restrooms and water are both available nearby but be especially mindful of other trail users given the proximity to town and frequent use. [Source](