The OG jump line at Slaughter Pen


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In many ways, the Slaughter Pen's freeride zone is the matriarch that gave birth to the entire world-class trail system that now surrounds Bentonville, Arkansas.

The OG jump lines in Northwest Arkansas proved that top-notch trails will indeed draw in mountain bikers from across the country and around the world, and that demand for professionally-built trails and big jumps is huge...

even in Arkansas. This freeride zone hasn't lapsed into obscurity.

Instead, it has been well-maintained over the years.

The lips on the jumps get re-cut and the berms get re-buffed every few years.

Today, the Freeride Zone is still home to some of the most vertical lips in all of Northwest Arkansas.

If you're a true dirt jumper looking for vertical take-offs and gapped 6-packs, this is the place to go. There's also an easier line available in this zone, as well as a progressive set of box drops.

The 3-set of box drops ramps all the way up to a burly huck that would suit as big of a freeride bike as you can find. While Bentonville now offers taller, faster, and flowier downhill-style jump trails, the OG Freeride Zone is still a crowd pleaser and still sees a constant stream of traffic every day of the week.

Head on out to Slaughter Pen and test your mettle on these hits!