A local favorite and great ride to enjoy the summer wildflowers.


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Located within its namesake state park, the Cedar Hill trails are equal parts diverse and scenic as you tour the southeastern shores of Joe Pool Lake.

The trails weave in and out of the beautiful forest, open meadows, and through a selection of stunning wildflowers that will surely put a grin on your face.

In fact, the bluebonnets can be spectacular in the spring if you time your visit with the bloom.

All of the trails are well-signed, there are cut-offs if you need to end your ride early, and the rolling singletrack hosts nothing more than a mild dose of rocks and roots.

There are no advanced features on any trail. The state park officially hosts 3 main trails, a series of stacked loops maintained by DORBA.

The short loop is easy, mostly flat, and just 2.7 miles.

It's a great option for a warm-up or for newer or younger riders.

The medium loop, *mapped here*, is over 5-miles and the longest of all 3.

It's a classic ride with a little bit of everything and a go-to for locals.

If you only have time for one ride, this should be it.

The long trail is in the southwest corner of the park and is also considered intermediate.

If you were to ride all 3 trails together, you would tally close to 12 miles.

As with most Texas State Parks, a small fee is required, and there are plenty of amenities.

Even if riding isn't your goal, the picnic areas and pavilions plus the nearby lake access and campgrounds make it a great place for the entire family to enjoy.

Just be mindful of busy holidays, however, since mountain biking is only a small fraction of why people visit the park. [Source](https://ntxtrails.com/mtb-trails/southwest/cedar-hill-state-park/)