An underrated XC ride on the outskirts of Dallas.


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Of all of the DORBA trails, Sister Grover may be one of the most underrated rides in north Texas.

Likely due to its distance, most visitors are from Plano, McKinney, or similar, and if you look at most maps, the trails don't even exist.

Despite being a 10+-year-old trail system, the hillside flow through the remote countryside is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. To its advantage, most of the trails within Sister Grove aren't mapped with most applications.

In recent years, the trail has seen more use and been given a bit of a facelift, earning it some popularity amongst long-time locals.

As mapped, this route tours the most recent trails for a comprehensive tour of the park, mostly beneath a canopy of trees and on singletrack free of rocks and most roots.

After your first lap, you may even want to go back for seconds. For first-timers, signs at the trailhead mark out all of your options, and it would be hard-pressed to get lost.

In fact, the amount of groomed, rolling singletrack is almost overwhelming, to the point that you could come back time after time and still enjoy the ride in a whole new way. The trailhead is located just outside of Princeton, but nothing more than a turnaround with parallel parking.

There are restrooms and picnic areas, but plan to bring your own water.

The hillside views are sure to impress, but plan a visit to nearby Twin Groves Park if you hope to see the lake.