Another expedition line with some good gradient, where really good steep skiing skills are required.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Again a really long access line until the start of the run, with a steep walk required from "Les Portelles" lifts area.

Follow "Les Portelle's front chairlift line", the walk is about an hour and requires you to negotiate some steep terrain.

Continue straight after the "Pic d'Arcalis steep line" until the finding the gully with an "easy entrance".

The line is steep (50 degrees at some stages) until a narrow section into the highest part.

The area keeps some steepness after the entrance but the line is less narrow and due to the time of the hike a good weather window is needed.

Even more important for the descent of the face; remember that navigation mistake can be fatal.

The line gets a good amount of snow fall due to the 2781 meter height of the summit.

Avalanche risk is pretty important in this area of the mountain due to the steepness.

The line finishes on the green piste "Megaverda" which leads back to "La Coma" ski area after a little flat section at the end of the line.