A stunning trail which leads to a great summit.


6 - 7









FATMAP difficulty grade



A wild and remote tour that give you great views down in to the Escriens nature reserve, this is a mixed bag with some tree skiing down fire tracks and open faces at the top. From the parking (there are limited spaces here so come early) follow a series of paths and forest roads towards the Pra du Jas.

On the map there are a few options and there's the odd path that's not on the map - just pick your way up them heading in the right direction.

From there follow the road and then the steep path towards the Cabane du Bancus (it is possible to cut a few corners of the road).

Before the Cabane turn west and climb up under the big rock face at Le Bancus.

This is really stunning and as you climb up under the rock face the summits open up to you.

After a the rock face you climb to a ridge, at the top ridge turn west you should see the summit now.

Keep following the ridge and climb to the summit of the Pic d’Escreins. Descent From the summit, there can be a steep drop in where care can be needed.

After that you can follow your tacks down the ridge or cut skiers right and access the open faces.

You ski back down under the cliff face which is a nice ski and then you have a few options stick the to forest tracks, or it is possible to stay in the trees and drop down to a lower forest tack and ski down almost level with the parking and the walk across to the parking, good navigation is needed for this.