A beautiful trail with numerous viewpoints along the way as you climb up to the picturesque Bertha Lake.


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The Bertha Lake trail is one of the classic hikes in Waterton Lakes National Park.

This is a fantastic trail that is very well maintained and should definitely be on your must-do list when visiting Waterton. Most of this trail was affected by the forest fire back in 2017, however; there is now lots of new growth giving plenty of colour to the charred forest.

Thanks to the forest fire you do now have plenty of great viewpoints along this trail.

The first of which is an outstanding viewpoint overlooking Waterton Lake, which is just 1.4km into the hike. The trail continues to Lower Bertha Falls, which is a great place for a quick rest before the hard work starts.

After the falls the trail starts to climb up a number of switchbacks and is physically more challenging.

As you make your way up the switchbacks you get your first view Upper Bertha Falls.

Now, if you thought the Lower falls looked cool, wait until you see the Upper Falls - they are even more spectacular.

The upper section of the trail was unaffected by the forest fire, so you will soon find yourself back in a lush green forest.

There are a couple of breaks in the trees which offer great views looking back towards Waterton Townsite. You will soon arrive at the picturesque Bertha Lake and realise that all of those switchbacks were totally worth it.

This is a beautiful location with the large mountains towering over the lake.

This area also escaped the forest fire so you still have plenty of greenery all around the lake. From here you can either enjoy the views before heading back down, or if you still have some energy, you can take the 4km lakeside trail to go walk around the lake.

There is also a campground here if you wanted to turn this into an overnight trip, but it does need to be booked in advance.

It is worth noting that, as with most places in Waterton Lakes National Park, Grizzly and Black Bears are very common here, even though this is a popular trail - you still want to make plenty of noise and carry Bear Spray, especially early in the season.