Miles 2652.6-2661.4 of the northbound PCT: The final leg of the journey for those crossing into Canada.


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The PCT officially ends at the Canadian border, but the crossing is at a remote point on the trail with no road or trailhead nearby.

Therefore, more walking is required to actually finish the hike.

The closest access is Highway 3 in Canada, which runs through E.C.

Manning Provincial Park. From the border crossing at Monument 78, the trail continues northward among thick forest in a creek valley.

There is a backcountry camp near the bridge on Castle Creek, which can be used only with a backcountry permit from the provincial park.

There are established sites with fire grates, bear lockers, and a toilet.

Next, the trail begins a gradual uphill through brushy forest, eventually reaching a saddle on Windy Joe Mountain, and another well-equipped backcountry camp (NB mile 2656.4).

From there, a wide-cut trail zigzags down the other side of the mountain to the bank of a river (NB mile 2659.5).

Continuing through this valley, the trail soon meets Gibson Pass Road (NB mile 2660.7) which leads to the highway near Manning Park Resort (NB mile 2661.4).

The resort has lodging, a restaurant, and a small store.

The provincial park visitor centre is also nearby. Note: Getting anywhere from Manning Park can be tricky, but the Pacific Crest Trail Association provides some tips for [Getting to and from the Northern Terminus]( on their website. Permits: Entering Canada from the US by way of the PCT is only allowed with a [Canada PCT Entry Permit](

These were not issued for the 2021 season, and they may or may not become available in 2022.

If you don’t have the permit, you will need to turn around and exit the PCT another way.

Entering the USA from Canada is not allowed under any circumstances, [according to the PCTA](

Therefore, southbound hikers wishing to start from the border must arrive by another route on the US side. Sources: