The perfect spot for learning how to ride flow trails.


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If you want to work your way up to the big jumps and high-speed flow found on [Bentonville's best jump trails](, Family Flow is the place to get started! This family-friendly flow trail will help new riders, from kids to adults alike, get used to the sensation of rolling down a hillside on a mountain bike flow trail.

Modern flow trails are quite different from the flat cross country singletrack of yore and require a slightly different skillset in order to ride them.

That said, in some ways, the motions you use to you move the bike down a flow trail can come naturally, especially with a little bit of practice.

Family Flow is the perfect place to practice.

This professionally-built flow line includes many of the same features you'll find on more difficult trails, but in miniature.

Here, you'll get to sweep around low berms, get used to the sensation of rolling up and over earthen rollers, and even pedal over a wide, elevated wooden bridge (with railings).

You're almost guaranteed to have a smile on your face when you reach the bottom! If you haven't had enough, just pedal back up for another lap!