Get out to Vasquez Ridge for the chance of finding tree stashes days after a storm.









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Vasquez Ridge is an under-appreciated territory near the back of the resort at Winter Place.

With only a handful of named runs showing on the map, and with multiple lift rides required to reach it, this intermediate zone remains unexplored by most.

It is for those very reasons, however, that Vasquez Ridge holds some of the most reliable powder stashes on the mountain.

If you’ve arrived at Winter Place days after a storm, but still want to search for fresh hits, this is the place to go.

It’s also a surefire destination for pure joy on a powder day, with wide-cut runs between mid-angle glades. To reach Vasquez Ridge on your own power is no small chore, however.

The quickest way is what’s mapped here: a long approach on Village Way and Gunbarrel to reach the top of Pioneer Express.

From there, you’ll have your choice of runs down, and you can return uphill on any one of them.

A lift ride is the better way to get back, however, because of how far out this territory is. Winter Park requires an uphill armband for access, which is separate from a lift pass.

Review the [uphill policy]( and be sure to get the pass before setting out.