A heroic uphill hike with a thrilling downhill scramble to the best views of the Durmitor Massif.


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Prutaš’ peak stands at an intimidating 2,393 metres above sea level, but you’ll be rewarded with the most glorious panoramic views of Durmitor National Park from the summit.

In fact, even though it sits in ninth position on the parks’ highest peaks list, it offers arguably some of the best views of the entire massif.

The higher you walk, the more striking the view becomes.

Mountains, plains, and lakes unfurl all around you.

But the mountain saves its most surprising and breathtaking (literally) 360-degree panoramic view for the top.

After your final, almost 90-degree steep uphill push, you are rewarded with never-ending vistas of craggy mountains and peaks, including the park's highest peak, Bobotov kuk (2,523 metres), vertical rock cliffs the mountain gained its name from, the glacial blue Big Škrčko and Small Škrčko Lakes, grassy plains, deep valleys, and on a clear day, the Adriatic coast. The flat, grassy plateau summit is a picture-perfect spot to catch your breath and relax after your heroic uphill trek, with one of the most exhilarating sections of the hike ahead of you.

The extremely steep, exposed, rocky, and 90-degree descent is not for the faint-hearted.

You’ll have to watch your step every inch of the way and hold on to rocks as you lower yourself downhill, as the sheer fall to the north drops all the way down the mountain.

Once past this heart-thumping section, there’s a fun zig-zagging scramble down loose pebbles, just dig your heels in and lean back as you walk the rest of the speedy descent to the bottom of the mountain. The rest of the route takes you along a leisurely, meandering paved road back to the trailhead, with stunning views accompanying you even from this lower vantage point.

Make sure to look to the north at the looming Prutaš mountain you just conquered and give yourself a hearty pat on the back.

The hike included in this guidebook requires a certain level of fitness, and you shouldn’t have a fear of heights.

Different paths lead to the summit, all of which have a different level of steepness and difficulty, and all of which end up with the same marvelous view of Durmitor from the summit.