A family-friendly forest walk to Durmitor National Park's highlight.


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This leisurely loop walk takes you through ancient pine forests to Durmitor National Park’s stunning highlight: the Black Lake.

This turquoise lake gets its name from the shadow created by the looming 2,287-metre high Meded mountain, which provides an iconic backdrop for the lake.

The awe-inspiring view is reminiscent of Banff’s Lake Louise, only on a smaller scale.

You’ll be accompanied by the enchanting smell of pine throughout this family-friendly trail, and once you leave the paved section of the walk, the crunch of pebbles on the lake’s shoreline and the soft thud of your feet hitting the earth track are all you’ll feel and hear.

You’re surrounded by pure, unadulterated nature.

The crystal-clear lake and dramatic mountains materialise out of the forest, delightfully surprising you with their striking beauty.

If you’re walking with children, stop for a bit of fun skipping stones along the lake’s calm surface or rent a rowboat to glide across the water.

Otherwise, continue through the forest alongside the lake on a covered earth path that encircles the lake.

You’ll discover the Black Lake is actually made up of two lakes, Veliko Jezero and Malo Jezero, which are connected by a narrow path in the middle.

The brilliant turquoise waters of the lakes are enough to mesmerise you, especially in juxtaposition with the dark pine forest around them.

After you’ve completed the loop, head over to the shorefront restaurant, Nacionalni restoran Crno jezero, for a relaxed meal and drink with expansive views of the lake.

It’s a perfect way to maximise your time at this stunning site.