A local go-to workout on Aspen’s Buttermilk Mountain.









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Buttermilk’s Tiehack base is a major hub for the athletic community of Aspen.

Every morning gangs of locals on skis, splitboards, and spikes muster in the Tiehack lot for fitness laps on this lung-busting uphill.

It’s even available all day long, as one of the designated uphill routes at Buttermilk.

Follow the orange markers up Eagle Hill to Buckskin to Ptarmigan, making a delightfully steep route to the top of East Peak.

When the resort isn’t open you can head straight up Sterner Gulch instead of Buckskin for an even more direct ascent. The convenient, all-day access of this 1700-foot climb is what makes it so popular.

Here you’ll find everyone from local crushers and visiting pros, to newbies trying out rental AT setups.

There’s no requirement to go all the way to the top of course, just as there’s no requirement to stop at only one lap! Because uphill is allowed during open hours, you can go as long as your body can handle.

Turn around at any point and choose your run down, but use only the designated route for going back up.

Aspen does require a pass for uphill travel, which is separate from a lift ticket.

See Buttermilk’s [uphill policy](https://www.aspensnowmass.com/four-mountains/buttermilk/uphill-policy) for info.