The best top-to-bottom run combination with Tsopu.


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Like most intermediate flow trails, Tsopu is hands-down one of the most popular trails in the Verbier bike park.

Streams of riders flow through its beautifully-sculpted berms and fly over its mellow booters and tabletops.

Yet for some reason, Tsopu ends abruptly about two-thirds of the way down the mountain.

While you can get back down to the base easily by utilizing dirt roads and one final section of singletrack, there is a better top-to-bottom run option that adds in a few more trails.

These additional trails increase the difficulty of the run quite substantially but make for a more enjoyable top-to-bottom bike park experience. First, Tsopu itself is an absolute gem of a trail.

Up top, the perfect berms provide fantastic kinesthetic flow as you rail through beautiful alpine meadows.

As you descend, the jumps get more and more prominent, with the second section offering a steady stream of booters, doubles, and small tables.

There's even a wooden wallride, but this can be ridden around if desired.

To keep the trail as beginner-friendly as possible (even though it's by no means a true beginner trail), all of the jumps and features can be rolled over or easily bypassed.

More advanced riders will have a blast making gaps and nailing the flow of this trail. For this top-to-bottom run, Tsopu flows straight into a section of Tire's Fire.

Tire's Fire is an extreme-rated trail, but if you pick your way through the section marked here, you can keep it to roughly an upper intermediate difficulty.

This section of Tire's Fire isn't too steep, and it merely funnels you through a series of rough patches, small drops, root webs, and a few moderate rock gardens.

Optional ledge drops do pose a bigger challenge, but they can easily be bypassed. To keep the difficulty down, this route ducks off of Tire's Fire as soon as possible onto the final section of Wouaiy.

Here the trail gets dramatically easier, with tight banked turns and a few root webs.

You'll drop out onto a dirt road, take a left, and follow the dirt road a short way before picking up the final, very short section of Tsopu. See? Wasn't it so much better getting in a few more fantastic tracks instead of just riding dirt roads down the mountain?