A smooth rip down the mountainside.


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If you're new to trail riding and want to dip your toes into big mountain descents on classic singletrack, then this approachable ride is for you! To reach Ba Combe, marked as trail #8 on the map, pedal across the mountain from the top of Les Ruinettes to reach the top of the singletrack. You'll drop into a smooth trail that is largely non-technical but is deceptively fast! The smooth singletrack is wide-open, with long, straight sightlines down a moderate grade.

This straight, smooth singletrack allows you to accelerate to mach chicken in a real hurry! Watch for the one switchback that alters the trail direction and the few awkward spots with water drains. With speeds this fast you *must* keep your eyes on the trail, but it can be difficult to focus on the singletrack when the views are this good! This trail offers fantastic vistas of the Grand Combin all the way down. Once off of Ba Combe, for the easiest way down, follow the roads back to Verbier.

That can be a bit boring, though, so head over to the hut around mid-mountain and then drop the trail tracing its way straight down from the hut.

Reference this map to find the exact turns. This section of trail is steeper and rockier than what came before, but with a bit of care, intermediate riders should be able to negotiate this trail.

The singletrack is sweet, with beautiful views of the valley if you can tear your eyes off the tight, twisty turns.

The trail connects houses in mid-mountain with houses lower down, so be sure to decelerate and take it slow when passing between houses. Eventually, you'll reach the road, and unfortunately, you'll have to lose the last elevation on the road regardless.

But you can always just rip back down to the lift, hop on, and do it all over again! Once you've conquered Ba Combe / #8, try trail #13 next which begins at Croix de Coeur.