Hiking route linking Velingrad and Yundola resort via Lokvata area


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



Velingrad - Slaveevi skali - Lokvata - Yundola 0.0 km - start of the route from the pedestrian zone in front of Velingrad Municipality.

Head north on Tosho Staykov Street; 0.5 km - turn right on the marked path in front of Vita Hospital; 1.1 km - Chapel of St.


Continue northwest along the forest road through the meadows; 2.7 km - St.

Nicholas Chapel.

Continue west through the forest road; 2.9 km - fork in the area of St.

Nicholas Church.

Take the left path; 4.4 km - fork in the area of Bulin Chair.

Continue on the road to the right; 4.7 km - turn left from the forest road along the marked path to Slaveevi skali; 5.8 km - fork at Slaveevi skali area.

The rocks are located 150 m to the left.

The route continues along the path on the right; 6.1 km - you will find yourself on a new path.

Turn right here. 7.5 km - Samara area.

Continue straight on the trail; 7.7 km - you reach a forest road.

Continue up the road; 8.0 km - leave the road and follow the marked path to the left; 9.6 km - beginning of a forest road.

Continue west on the road; 9.9 km - Lokvata area.

To the right of the meadow there is a shelter.

From here take the forest road with red marking.

11.2 km - you reach vast meadows in the area of Shamaka; 11.7 km - you will find yourself on a road with old asphalt.

Continue to the left; 12.3 km - Antev Kladenets area.

There is a spring and a shelter on the left side of the road.

14.2 km - entering Yundola resort; 14.7 km - the center of Yundola is where the route ends.