A mid-mountain green run for daytime uphill laps at Copper.









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Soliloquy is a green run that tends to be light on traffic, due to its location mid-mountain and because it’s fairly wide with room to spread out.

This also makes it good for skinning uphill, and it happens to be one of the routes designated for daytime uphill travel at Copper.

It goes from the base of Timberline lift to the top of Copperfield run.

A logical mini-tour would be to skin up Soliloquy to the top of Copperfield, then ski down Copperfield if you’re up for a blue descent.

If not, simply return down Soliloquy.

This lap of about 1000 vertical feet makes a solid uphill workout to build into your day at Copper.

Because it’s partway up the mountain, though, you will want a lift pass to get here.

Without one, you would have to skin up the Chickaree trail just to access Soliloquy. Copper allows uphill travel on this and a handful of other designated routes during operating hours.

An uphill armband is required for access.

Find out more information and how to get a pass on Copper’s [uphill access](https://www.coppercolorado.com/things-to-do/activities-amenities/uphill-access) page.