A rocky and wild trail run along Lake Ray Roberts, and the home of a former ultra trail race.


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Isle du Bois State Park hosts some of the rockiest and challenging singletrack in North Texas, coming in a close second only to [Cross Timbers](https://fatmap.com/routeid/2858857/cross-timbers) along Lake Texoma.

For those looking for a challenging trail run that demands full focus, a series of stacked loops tours the park through beautiful forests, open meadows, sand washes, rock gardens, and views of the lake should you venture far enough.

Though only 4.4 miles, the entire park hosts over 10 miles of trail, making it easy to come back time and time again and try out a different route every time. IDB, as referred to by locals, consists of 5 stacked loops with varying degrees of difficulty.

This run tours loops A, B, and C, which could be considered intermediate if you're comfortable running through some rock gardens and roots.

Loop D is considered the most challenging and has multiple technical sections designed for mountain bikers, though each can be bypassed by runners.

Each junction is well-marked, and the trails are relatively easy to navigate, plus locations signs are placed along the trail in the event of an emergency.

Bear in mind, they do *not* coordinate with the mileage.

Once you become familiar with the trails, running them in reverse could prove to be equally rewarding, while offering a different perspective of the park. As with most state parks in Texas, a small entry fee is required to enter the park, but full amenities are available within.

A [Texas State Park Pass](https://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/park-information/passes) could also be an option as it would allow access into other top running areas, including [Dinosaur Valley](https://fatmap.com/routeid/2858856/dinosaur-valley-state-park), or [Palo Duro Canyon](https://fatmap.com/guidebooks/22892/find-your-perfect-adventure-in-palo-duro-canyon-state-park?fmid=cp) in the panhandle.

Restrooms, drinking water, picnic pavilions, and lake access are all available within the park. [Source](https://ntxtrails.com/mtb-trails/northwest/isle-du-bois/)