A steep and sustained line on the east face of Mt. Hood


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FATMAP difficulty grade



This was the original line we tested our first round of prototype poles on.

Hence, how we came up with the name of our ski pole, the Wyeast Pole.

A spring descent of the Wyeast face has everything you look for in a classic volcano ski descent.

A short bootpack on a trail, a bit of skinning, then to some more bootpacking up the face and finally a long and sustained downhill run.

All proved to be great conditions to test our extended grip. After testing our protos on the Wy’East, we made some tweaks to the grip, specifically a more ergonomic design, sent them to our factory and they arrived just in time for our inaugural season, Winter of 2021. The approach and descent are pretty straight forward.

Make your way to the top of the Cascade Express Chair in Mt.

Hood Meadows.

From there walk up the obvious looming snowfield to the ridge.

It is worth noting that you are not allowed to enter or leave the Mt.

Hood Meadows ski resort if it is open and operating.

Therefore, a different approach may be necessary depending on the time of year.