Another day in the Jaspers stunning backcountry, before returning to civilization at Maligne Lake.


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***This trail is closed for the 2022 season*** Day 2 on the 6 passes trail is very similar to day 1 - it's still extremely remote, there's still no defined trail, and the views are still amazing.

The second day on trail really allows you to appreciate just how remote and beautiful this area is.

You still have another full day on trail though, before you make it to Maligne Lake.

This is another day with lots of elevation.

The constant ascent and descent can be a real challenge mentally.

You put so much effort into gaining all the elevation, only to lose it immediately then have to climb again.

But with every pass comes more spectacular views, and this is one thing that sets this trail apart from most others.

The views here are always changing.

Every valley looks different, it almost feels like you are doing 6 different hikes at once.

As you count down the number of passes you go over, you could be mistaken for thinking you are crushing the elevation gain.

Technically you are, but as you reach the top of the 5th pass, you will see the challenge that lays ahead of you with pass number 6.

This trail should really be called 5 passes and 1 peak.

The 6th pass is a 2580m mountain, that you have to summit before you can drop down the other side.

The climb up the ridge for the final pass is long and tiring, but once you gain the ridge, it soon turns into an epic ridge walk up to the summit.

The views from the 6th pass are out of this world.

It has arguably the best views on the entire trail.

On one side you have the stunning alpine lakes you just passed, then on the other, you have a fantastic view of the legendary Maligne Lake.

The descent from the summit is a scramble.

It isn't a particularly difficult scramble, but it can be a challenge with an overnight backpack.

I found it much safer to remove the backpack and pass it down, or lower it with paracord if you are solo.

Once you make it down from the 6th pass, it's a long but straightforward hike on the Bald Hills trail to Maligne Lake.

If you are hiking the Great Divide Trail, take the shortcut to the skyline trail.

To do this, turn left at the trail junction with the ATV road and head to Evelyn Campground.