Educational walk along the actual path of the Oregon Trail in Boise.


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The Oregon Trail Reserve is a small city park that preserves a section of the famous Oregon Trail.

At this spot in what is now Boise, wagons once rumbled down a stony ramp that was cut into basalt cliffs, allowing the pioneers to reach the sheltered valley of the Boise River.

You can learn about the history and walk in actual ruts left by the wagons more than 100 years ago.

This casual hike also provides stellar views over the city and the Boise Mountains.

You might also see wildlife like rabbits, deer, and birds of prey––making this an all-around excellent hike for the family which can be done at any time of year. The route mapped here begins from one of two parking areas along Lake Forest Drive, but either lot is just as good for beginning the trail, and one of them has drinking water and restrooms.

As you walk, don't miss the chance to read interpretive signs along the way.

They explain a lot about the history and point out the places where wagon ruts are visible. Views are good all along the rim trail, but you will definitely want to stop at each of the constructed overlooks for the best panoramas.

You can also wander down the Kelton Ramp, which is part of the Basalt Trail that extends below the cliffs.

You might add that full trail to your hike if you want to make a longer loop.