A long day mission in Pale di San Martino.









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This classic ski touring route can be approached from two different sides: one is starting from San Lucano Valley, which is also where the descent line is, the other - highlighted in this route - is starting from San Martino di Castrozza and, despite guaranteeing a great descent with a minimum climb - also requires to organise a ride back from the San Lucano valley to San Martino Di Castrozza village, either with a taxi or by organising private cars in advance. The exceptional views of the plateau of Pale di San Martino and especially the face you are about to ski, will justify the effort in planning the logistics for this one. From the mountain station of Rosetta cableway you are going to traverse the plateau all the way to the very end, on its south east border.

The altitude here is about 2600m and the fun is all about to begin! The very first part offers a mellow ride before leading you to the top of a playful face which offers different possibilities for different kind of skiers: drops, spines and safer lines are possible here! It's highly recommended to check the face on FATMAP before while planning the tour at home in order to pick the line which suits best your level - you don’t want to end up in uncomfortable situations in such a remote valley.

This wide face requires an high knowledge of avalanche assessment.

Once at the bottom of the face it is worth to stop and have a look to the signatures you left on it, the feeling will be priceless - goosebumps are guaranteed! Now follow the valley through a dense and steep forest until you merge with the forest road which will lead you back to the civilisation, where hopefully your ride is waiting you!