A stunning couloir in Sexten Dolomites.


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The Sexten Dolomites are the located in the far North East of the Dolomites, from the Belluno area all the way up to the Austrian border.

As in most of the Dolomites, verticality is the main ingredient: rocky walls are shaping narrow and steep snowy tongues in between them - source of adrenaline for experienced skiers.

These tongues are often of a rather long length, which makes it even more exciting to ski but - on the other hand - requires a rather good level of fitness to climb them all the way up. This particular chain is named after the town located in the north of the area and here in Sexten is also where the route for Haunold couloirs starts from.

To make the climb easier, you can take advantage of the lifts, reaching the top of the resort before then skiing down and traversing into the bowl just at the bottom on Haunold.

From this bowl different lines are possible - feel free to pick the one that inspires you the most among these north facing chutes.

For most of them, including the one we picked, skinning up it is not always an option and it’s highly possible that little bit of bootpacking would be needed, especially in hard snow conditions - it is highly recommended to pack crampons as it could get really slippery here.

Once you reached the peak, you will have an amazing view over the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, located just a little bit further south than Haunold.

Now it's time to get your skis ready for the downhill and hit this very long line all the way to the valley and back to the car!