Fantastic singletrack riding with archeological sites along the way.


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Adulam Forest provides some of the best purpose-built mountain bike trails in all of Israel.

While you can find a plethora of fantastic routes in the park, this long loop incorporating both the Adulam trail and the Kanim trail hits some of the best stretches of singletrack in the most efficient manner. The route begins on the Adulam trail, from which the entire area gets its name.

Right out of the gate, the singletrack climbs steeply up to Mt.


After the initial climb, the trail undulates up and down constantly through the remainder of the ride. These well-built trails offer a variety of technical difficulties and options, but overall the riding here is quite moderate.

Cross country trail riding is the name of the game, with plenty of climbing and long sections of singletrack. Israel is internationally renowned for its history and archaeological sites, and Adulam Forest offers plenty of fantastic historical sites to stop at during your ride.

The Ella Valley that contains Adulam Forest provides plenty of Biblical history, "dating back to the days of Dovid HaMelech where it served as the border between the Jews and Pilishtim," according to [](

"It also has many cave networks from the days of Bar Kochba and has one of the most family-friendly caves in Hurvat Midras," they continue.