A short summit hike on a prominent mountain east of Boise.


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This row of three peaks is not huge by mountain standards, but it’s rather prominent on the horizon if you know where to look.

From many spots on the Benches in Boise, you might spot Triple Point among the hills to the east.

You’ll know it by the distinct trio of rounded peaks at the end of a long ridge. Even though the hike to Three Point is short, it’s quite steep, and it grants incredible views almost right away.

Another advantage to this hike is you can do it in the spring, when most mountain trails are still quite icy or muddy.

In typical years the trail is reasonably dry in early April, though you may still contend with snow and mud here and there.

Yellow flowers burst among the sagebrush in late April, and more colors pop throughout May.

There’s no shade anywhere on this windswept ridgeline, however, so the heat of summer is not the best time.

Fall brings good conditions, but Three Point is in a popular hunting zone, so use caution. Get there by driving Blacks Creek Road (a good dirt road), and parking at an unmarked side road, where there’s a closed gate right around the corner.

Take care not to obstruct either road when you park, as large trucks and trailers sometimes come through.

The start of the trail is clearly visible, heading straight up the nearby hill.

The path is an old motorcycle trail that’s quite steep and rutted, but the climb is over with quickly.

In less than half a mile, you’ll gain the ridge, then turn left to walk along it. Another short but steep ascent leads to the first and tallest of the three “points.” This is the true summit of Three Point Mountain.

Pause here to admire the 360-degree views of Idaho Mountains and the city of Boise.

Next, you can continue along the visible trail to the saddle below, and soon surmount the middle point from there.

Large boulders are scattered near the top, adding more interest to the scenery.

The track mapped here turns around at this middle summit, but you could continue on the fading trail to the third point if you want to tag them all.