A classic hike through canyons and along hillsides with spectacular views of Flagstaff.


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Considered one of the more popular trails near Flagstaff according to the USFS, the Kachina Trail tours aspen groves, dramatic cliffs, rolling meadows, and even offers impressive views of Flagstaff to the south.

It's almost exclusively located within the confines of a wilderness area, making it an excellent opportunity to enjoy the wild and vast San Francisco Peaks without the crowds.

While sometimes hiked as an out-and-back, this route connects Schultz Tank to the Snow Bowl, making it a perfect option for a shuttle if you have two vehicles. Touring the southern slopes of Agassive Peak, the Kachina Trail is defined by old-growth limber pine and Douglas-firs at the highest elevations, with ponderosa, aspen, and juniper defining the mountain's main slopes.

Seas of bracken fern paint the hillsides green and the mountain's volcanic past is clearly visible as the trail descends a high lava cliff.

According to the USFS, "a dramatic, cave-like recess in the lava marks where a bed of looser volcanic debris eroded away from denser flow layers above," and the andesite boulders near the trail's upper end found their resting site nearly 600,000 years ago. In addition to the diversity of flora and fauna, elk, mule deer, and cougars all reside in the area, though the latter are rarely seen to their nocturnal habits.

Black bears also favor wild edibles such as berries that appear during summer's peak.

While best hiked from May to November, hunters sometimes utilize the trail during their respective seasons, though mechanized use, including bikes, is prohibited within the confines of the wilderness.

Source: https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/coconino/recarea/?recid=55112