A favorite in the lower foothills, done as part of a loop or with a shuttle.


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Lower Hull's Gulch is one of the best mountain bike trails in the lower foothills.

The firm, sandy singletrack rides fast, but is peppered with rock drops and gardens amid granite outcrops of the gulch.

The toughest is approximately in the middle of the ride, where a natural rock staircase twists around a blind corner.

Use caution here and at other tight turns, as well as places with sharp drop-offs to the side of the trail. Because of these hazards and the popularity of the trail, Lower Hull's is designated directional based on the day of the month.

Odd-numbered days of the month are for downhill biking only.

Even-numbered dates are for uphill biking and hiking.

So check the calendar to make sure it's an odd day before you go! Lower Hull's is usually ridden as part of a loop, using either 8th Street Extension (dirt road) or Crestline Trail.

These loops have only moderate climbing, but if want to cut out the uphill completely you could shuttle it instead.

The track mapped here begins at the upper trailhead lot and descends to the lower lot, both along 8th Street Extension/Sunset Peak Rd. Source: https://www.ridgetorivers.org/special-trail-management-strategies/