A moderate run up gated forest services roads and two-track to O'Leary Peak.


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Just a short drive north of Flagstaff, O'Leary Peak is one of the local favorite spots to enjoy a scenic trail run.

Rather than following technical singletrack and wild wilderness trails as many of the other nearby runs do, this 10-miler meanders along an old roadbed and offers a gradual and consistent climb to the 8,900-foot peak.

While there are some potholes and eroded sections, it's a moderately-challenging run and a great option to explore one of the many peaks in the San Francisco volcanic field. Unlike the cinder cone volcanos that make for popular hikes in the area, O'Leary Peak is actually a lava dome volcano, the USFS notes.

The hike begins with a walk alongside a stunning lava field, and "it's worth getting off the trail," to check it out, they continue.

The upper section of the hike is much more difficult, consisting of 6 switchbacks that you must conquer to reach the summit.

That said, the lookout tower at the top offers stunning views of the Painted Desert to the north, and the greater-San Francisco Peaks that dot the Northern Arizona landscape.

The [Inner Basin](https://fatmap.com/routeid/2882713/inner-basin-loop/) can also be seen for the summit and offers a shorter, yet equally scenic, hike from the Lockett Meadow Campground. This hike begins between the O'Leary Group Campground and Bonito Campground on Forest Service Road 545A.

A small pull-off is available for day hikers if you aren't spending the night.

Water and restrooms are available at the nearby campgrounds should you need either before your hike.

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